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Artist Grizel Luttman-Johnson demonstrating mono-printing at the October 2013 meeting

Regular NDA meetings and artists' talks are free to members and are at 8pm on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held at the Broomhill Art Hotel, Muddiford. Non-members are also welcome at a fee of £5.00. A buffet supper beforehand (usually at 7pm) is available at a special price, thanks to the generosity of the Broomhill Art Hotel - please pre-book buffets on 01271 850262.

The next NDA meeting details are given below. Links to speakers websites have been supplied where possible.

Please check dates and times if you do not attend regularly in case there has been a change

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Wednesday, 8th March, 8pm
NDA and Art Trek Discussion

This will be an open meeting for North Devon Arts members (NDA) and Art Trek artists. Please come along and join in the discussions around how NDA and Art Trek open studios both go forward. (The Art Trek 2016 report has just been sent to all those participating and as you will note, was successful for a lot of the artists).

Your thoughts and ideas on the future running of NDA and Art Trek are welcomed by the NDA committee, without fresh thinking from time to time we are prone to 'just do the same old thing'!

You do not need to be an NDA member to come along, just an artist interested in the future of NDA and Art Trek.

Anyone wanting a pre-discussion £6.95 buffet at 7pm, it is essential to book direct with Broomhill on 01271 850262.