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This is the current 2014-15 Committee of North Devon Arts:

Chair - Eilean Eland (chair@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Membership Secretary - Fiona Matthews (membership@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Treasurer - Lesley Woodhouse (treasurer@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Minutes Secretary - Gill Jones (minutes@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Exhibitions Organiser - Amelia Jenkinson (exhibitions@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Web Admin - Christina Bonnett (webmaster@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Newsletter Editor - Stuart Fiddes (newsletter@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Publicity Officer - Tanya Gaffney-Greetham (publicity@northdevonarts.co.uk)
Events Organiser - Stella Levy (events@northdevonarts.co.uk)

Meetings are held every month.  Minutes of our committee meetings are available to members from minutes@northdevonarts.co.uk. Please contact a member of the committee if you are interested in joining the committee.