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Jackie Howard-Birt

Phone:01271 371459
Address: 19 Kingsley Avenue, Barnstaple, Devon, EX32 7AJ.

Artist's Profile

Jackie Howard-Birt

I am currently undertaking my degree in Fine Art through Plymouth University. I have exhibited in North Devon College, Broomhill 'Square Picture Show' and Green Lanes Cafe. Following my installation work in a shelter at college I was asked to paint all the shelters.

My work is abstract, mainly 2D, but I have recently become interested in installation, sculpture and found objects as vehicles for my painting.

Artist's Statement

I am interested in colour, especially how colours work with one another and the effects they have on each other, with or without white space. I like to see how colours can be used to cover a canvas or sculpture, and to be the sole purpose of that work - more important than form or presentation - just the sheer joy of colour. My work aims to give colour free reign, to work its own purpose out. Many of my works use bright, complementary and contrasting colours, all of a strength to hold their own on the canvas - to say 'I am here for a reason'. If one were left out the others would be bereft.