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India Mae

India  Mae
India  Mae

Artist's Statement

I have lived perched upon a North Devon hilltop encircled by the wild open expanses of both Dartmoor and Exmoor and thus at the mercy of nature’s elements in all her beauty and fury. Living beneath vast uninterrupted skies, enveloped by nature’s awesome power, inevitably influenced and inspired my art and designs.

Latterly I moved to the coast where I pick up sea washed china and glass rubbed smooth by repeated wave action. 

A conservationist and naturalist, I gather, reclaim and recycle discarded and unwanted textiles and obscure objects.

I use wool, ribbon, material of different textures, sweet wrappers and wire, cut into small pieces, layered and sewn together. I like to incorporate old gold jewellery, glass beads, pieces of chain, any object to which I am drawn. Without sketching or planning I prefer to draw from my memory, recalling images etched on my mind and reproduce them in textile and mixed media form. Reused, the finds and unwanted textiles evolve into visual images representing the natural world from where they originated.

I find that smashing old crockery and ceramics is not only therapeutic but reassembling the broken pieces to create something completely new and different has an interesting and satisfyingly cathartic outcome.