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Ann Hyde

Ann Hyde

Artist's Statement

Born in July 1952, Ann's earliest ambition was to not work in Woolworth's.  Instead she took a Secretarial Course and worked for a Bank and then the National Dock Labour Board (now non-existent just like Woolworth's).

Ann never went to Art College and is self-taught through and through.

Ann says: "I am lucky that my experiences as an only child allowed me to make my own entertainment, and apart from reaching Grade 8 in music and my affinity with horses (including carriage driving), my painting and drawing has always been a part of who I am.  I am so grateful for all the things that have helped to make my creativity possible, along with my eyes, my hands and especially my family".

She has been painting and drawing all her life.  Since her children left home, about 3 years ago, she has spent an increasing amount of time painting using mixed media: oil, coloured inks, acrylics and watercolours and even innovative fingers and thumbs technique!  Some of her paintings are exhibited at the Ilfracombe Art & Craft Gallery.

Ann says: "With these varying media I also have varying styles, equally important and enjoyable to me, it just depends on my inspiration at the time as to what media I use".