NDA Christmas Exhibition 2020 Virtual Tour

If you missed the recent NDA 2020 Christmas Exhibition at the Studio KIND Gallery in Braunton, not to worry, its now available as a virtual tour on the KIND website. Follow the link below to go straight to their page and take a look in complete safety: NDA 2020 Christmas Exhibition Virtual Tour

Englishness is a moving target – This event has been scheduled for another date.

Apologies to our members, due to current events this exhibition has been scheduled for another date later in the year. Peter Stiles will now be the featured exhibition at Studio KIND for 15th January to 6th February 2021 See our Post for this event. Chris Alton (b. 1991, Croydon) is an artist and curator. He grew up in Braunton, and attended Southmead School, Braunton School, and North Devon College. Skateboarding

NDA Christmas Exhibition Poster

For all our members participating in or planning a visit to this years NDA Exhibition at KIND Studio, here is the poster promoting the event. In case your eyes let you down on the smaller print sizes, here are the details on dates and times and how to get your ticket. Unfortunately simply rocking up as we would have done in the good old days, won’t get you a pass.

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