• Howard Porter
  • Artist
  • Bradiford

About Howard

I moved to North Devon in June 2019 having living in London and the South East for many years where, after graduating from the Royal Collage of Art, I worked as an art and design teacher in Further and Higher Education and was a founding partner in Frantic Design, a full service design agency. My practice is based on a long-standing interest in the way the image is mediated by technology and culture. In particular, I am concerned with the way different images interact to form an infinite range of possibilities that penetrate and are penetrated by the wider image world of both fine art and popular culture. The resulting iconographic language has gradually emerged over many years and, indeed, some of the references go right back to the very beginning of my art education. As such, the work is extremely personal but also references the wider world of images culled from art history, design, typography and the mass media. The corpus of work represented here is specifically designed to be produced and distributed digitally. It is not a reproduction of a pre-existing “original” but engages with the fluidity, immediacy and multivalent nature of contemporary communications.


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