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  • Northam

About John

 I constantly explore my location in space and consider perception. Exploring responses and consider both the physicality and neurological reaction to the visual image, I use audial sculptures and immersive qualities of Art.

 I try to consider the interaction between the art and the audience with further contemplations of the metaphorical association to the feeling of place and action. 

My practice reflects on how I negotiate my environment as a disabled person and by doing so, aims to challenge the preconceived ideas of disability. Using digital media and sculpture I create conceptual pieces that may become interactive installations and visual representation of occupied space. My work is an attempt to engage the viewer and question the notion of being a person of determination. My Thematic practice includes the following considerations.

The relationship and the association of the object/subject within the process or delivery method and to explore the association of object to Person or Place with psychological interpretations, lastly I consider, “how might a sculpture occupy and influence space and find the relationship between the space it occupies and the space it does not


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