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About Tushka

About Tushka Tushka creates limited edition screen prints, hand drawn artworks and printed goodies inspired by how great it is to be outdoors and in the natural world. She prints in a small studio in Devon and in the past year she’s started screen printing with hand cut paper stencils, which she loves as it means she creates every element of the artwork by hand. Each print is meticulously created and the screen prints all have their own uniqueness due to the hand printing process.

The print process Tushka works in a variety of methods to produce her prints. Many are hand screen printed in her own studio after exposing the screens at Double Elephant print studio. She meticulously draws the artwork for each colour layer onto drafting film to make her processes as digital free as possible, enjoying working directly with the materials. Other screen prints, including the WaveProject stencil series are created from hand cut stencils which are artworks in themselves. Her digital prints, such as the Rorschach series, are created by hand drawn layers of tracing paper which are scanned in and overlaid to give the final prints.

Tushka’s print story Whilst working as a graphic designer, Tushka returned to her art background in 2012 when she began drawing regularly, inspired by folk tales and nature as an escape from city life. On moving to Devon from London, Tushka became a regular at the Double Elephant Print studio in Exeter and fell back in love with screen printing. Her work has evolved to a focus on the power of the natural world to ground us human beings, and she hopes to remind people to notice everyday beauty whether it be the weeds growing in cracks in the pavement, or the release of being in the sea and catching a wave while surfing with her prints.


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