• Eddie Kent
  • Sculptor
  • Lynbridge, Lynton

About Eddie

Eddie is a ceramic artist working from his studio in Lynbridge, Lynton, North Devon after making the move from Buckinghamshire in 2017 although he still goes back to teach and run his renowned Raku Workshops. Eddie exhibits and sells work in galleries and Craft Fairs across the country and is a regular at Art in Clay, Hatfield and the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. As you may have guessed Eddie’s passion is Ceramics and especially the hand building techniques such as ‘coiling’ and ‘slab building’ which he than carve back at the leather dry clay stage. Eddie specialises in the Raku firing technique although Stoneware firing is a also a strong process in the finishing technique of his work. Eddie like to classify himself as a Ceramicist rather than a Potter as he tend to think of a potter as artist that competently uses the wheel to produce there work. Eddie always finds it hard to describe his work as it varies so much and takes its inspiration from so many areas and influences and these change regularly, one thing for sure is that Eddie has more ideas in his head than he will ever be able to make.


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