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About Iain

Iain lives & works along the North Devon coast. 

Remixes art from the edge. 

There is beauty in desolation - peace in emptiness. My work explores the spaces in-between and humanity's relationship within. Distant voices drifting over empty space - real or imagined - never quite knowing - landscapes hidden in the mind - blended thoughts and ambiguous woken dreams. Remixing images from a lifetimes portfolio into new and wondrous artworks - thoughtful explorations of social/environmental/political issues with an aesthetic and ambiguous twist.

Art is Resistance

I have lived and worked in North Devon for the past 20yrs, and gained a BAHons Degree in Photography from Falmouth College of Arts. Often at odds with the established view I have developed a cut & paste punk ethic toward my artwork (a visual remix of my world) - photography is not the goal, it is the tool by which I create. Anything can trigger the creative process. My art is informed by and responds to the world around me at any given time. Quite often a gut reaction to events, spontaneous and reactionary I feel the need to convey my emotions into my artworks. Each image is an evolution of random decision and choice, constructed from a selection of over 10,000 donor images, digital files and analogue negatives. Blended remixed and given new life.

All Artworks ©Iain Sebastian Holder 2001-2021


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