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About john

John Hurford is a North Devon Farmer who became a full time painter in 2001. He is a honorary member of the South West Academy. His work has been reproduced in many magazines and books since the nineteen sixties and his early work is in the collection of the V&A museum. He has been shown in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, The Whitney in New York and The Tate Gallery in Liverpool.

From an early age he was fascinated by all the wildlife and flora he saw around the farm. He collected bones, skulls, dead animals, seed pods, owl and buzzard pellets to find out what was inside. He sketched all that he saw and when still in primary school won a competition in the "Farmers Weekly" when he made a book following the life of a chicken from egg to adult. When he reached secondary school age he went to a local grammar school where he was a boarder but learnt Latin and maths forsaking art in the process. He left school to work on the farm immediately on reaching 16 and continued to draw and paint at home. He submitted work to magazines in London and was published by them eventually writing and illustrating books. He painted in the evenings while working on the farm. He still has a great interest in his surroundings and uses the plants, the animals, insects and birds he finds on the farm.

He has had many books published, has had many exhibitions locally and in New Zealand, France and London. He still designs posters and record covers but mostly is concerned with painting - usually in acrylic on canvas, paper or wood panel.

In June and July 2019 he went to Peninsular Malaysia with Dr Ivan Tacey from the University of Exeter to live with the Batek (an indigenous tribe) and is now producing paintings, childrens books and books of photographs resulting from this experience. johnny@johnhurford.co.uk


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