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About Lucy

Lucy Hannah was born and grew up in North Devon. She studied for an undergraduate degree in theology (2.1) and then spent a number of years as a writer and editor, while dabbling in creative pursuits. She returned to Devon in 2020, where she embarked on turning her new-found passion for visual art into reality. 


She is currently a resident artist at Unit 6 Art Studios in Barnstaple. As well as being a member of North Devon Arts, she is also a member of United Art Space, an online artist network.


Largely self-taught, she loves the diversity of mixed media, with a special interest in acrylic painting, collage and feltmaking. Her works tread a line between abstract and representational, often recognisable as seascapes with elements such as rocks, trees, boats and waves, but keeping a simplicity of form which reflects her freestyle way of working, usually not directly applying brush to paper but a loose style of printing by pressing painted paper onto the canvas. She loves palette knives and squeegees in her quest for interesting textures.


Inspired often by coast and wetlands, she has a great affinity for sky and its sense of spaciousness. 

She loves community and is well known in local coffee shops! 


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