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About Richard

Richard Meyer’s thickly textured and sometimes disturbed oil paintings are conceived in the real world.  They inhabit the margins between landscape, plant, animal and human life.  But mostly he believes paintings should be about paint.

His training was a strange one.  He began as a naturalist working for his boyhood hero, the late Sir Peter Scott - the famous wildlife painter.  Since then, Richard’s work, over 25 years has evolved into vigorous landscape, which glories in the natural world, drawing on his work as an ecologist and animal behaviourist - which culminated in being awarded a doctorate from Glasgow University.  

Ecology links into how modern humans fit into the natural world, and he finally realised that, for him, only painting could provide a satisfying way of relating to this.   As an author, since the age of 20, of many popular natural history books and articles (most under his birth-name of Richard Mark Martin), many of which were illustrated with his own line drawings, through fine art he finally found a way to break free from the restrictions of illustration. 

Consequently, professional science and formal teaching were abandoned.  Now, the eternal triangle of nature, woman and man are drawn together in a recent series of paintings called Figurescapes.  Portraits, landscapes and figure studies are the engine house providing the rigour and discipline necessary for the more imaginative works that combine these elements.

Born in Aylsbeare, Exeter, and being based in the West Country and West Wales most of his adult life, though with many spells elsewhere in the UK and abroad, he has exhibited since the mid 1980s principally in London and the West Country.

Richard has paintings in America, Spain, Portugal, France, and Australia as well as in many UK collections.


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