Congratulations Natasha

Natasha Quarmby

Congratulations to NDA member Natasha Quarmby on winning the 2022 Eilean Eland award.

The Eilean Eland was only introduced this year so Natasha has the honour of being the first NDA member to win the award.

The idea for the award came about when Eilean Eland retired as NDA Chair last year. Eilean has been Chair of NDA for many years and stepped in on several occasions. Her drive and passion has not only steered the group through rough times but has seen the group stabilise and grow in strength. During Lockdown, Eilean made use of technology to arrange video meetings so the committee could keep the group running remotely.

By way of thanking and honouring Eilean’s committent to NDA, the Eilean Eland award was formed using one of Eilean’s own sculptures as a trophy.

Eilean Eland Award

During the NDA Summer Exhibition we asked visitors to vote for their favourite piece of artwork. Obviously art is subjective and not intended to be competitive, but we used this as a way to engage with our audience and to determine who would be presented with the award.

The voting was incredibly close but Natasha’s piece came out on top and deservedly so. We are currently in talks with Natasha to determine how and when the award will be officially presented.

Based in North Devon, Natasha Quarmby who runs NQ Art and Illustration is a photographer, fine art embroiderer and painter. She is inspired by the area in which she lives and the subjects she photographs which also inspire her embroidery.

Natasha’s entry to the NDA Summer Exhibition was an embroidered textile piece featuring bees and flowers in fantastic bright colours.

Natasha says:

“I am inspired by many artists, not least Kandinsky, Louise Bourgeois, Paul Klee, and the era of Degenerate Art and many many more.”

On winning the award Natasha said:

“That’s amazing! Thanks so much. I am happy to accept the award, [but] if it’s ok I would like to accept the award as NQ art and illustration.”

You can follow NQ Art and Illustration on Instagram:

Natasha will also be exhibiting her artwork at North Devon District Hospital throughout the summer.

Well done Natasha!

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