26th March – 7th April 2022
Malthouse Gallery, The Town Mill, Lyme Regis

Previously unknown to each other, at very different life stages and backgrounds, Eilean Eland and Lisa Parkyn are delighted to be collaborating on this exhibition after making contact through Instagram. This has been a rewarding journey of discussion and reflection, identifying sometimes unexpected echoes in their art practices.

Eilean’s sculptural female figures are statements celebrating the powers, strengths and emotional contexts of womanhood. There are so many images of women that have been produced by men from an objective, frequently sexualised standpoint, and as a woman Eilean wants to make work grounded in the internal subjective experience of being a woman. She lives in her inspiration! Ranging from hand-held painterly porcelain ladies to half-life-size stoneware women, they are softly curvy, gently rhythmic and very tactile, with colours and textures reminiscent of natural forms and the North Devon coast where she lives.

Lisa creates richly layered and vibrant paintings. Originally from the Kalahari semi-desert in Botswana, she now works from her studio in Ottery St Mary, surrounded by countryside and the nearby Jurassic coastline. Lisa’s latest work celebrates colour, the joy, beauty and complexities of womanhood – what we hold, how we cope and flourish. As always, her work is primarily inspired by the exquisite natural world as the seasons change. Her studies in graphic design, movement psychotherapy and world travels also influence her art. This new work embodies a dreamlike quality of abstraction – reflecting elements of various subjects including landscape, florals and figures.
The joyful experience of making a joint exhibition demonstrates the positive potential of reaching out to others. Social media can sometimes be misunderstood, or get a bad press, but for Lisa and Eilean it has enabled a liberating and exciting way forward which has also been comforting and warming in challenging times.

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