Flourishing culture display at Bromley’s

Melanie O'Hanlon artwork flowers at the square in Barnstaple

North Devon Arts recently commissioned local artist Melanie O’Hanlon to create and install an art display at Bromley’s cafe in Barnstaple.

Melanie creates the most wonderful objects from recycled items such as used plastic milk bottles.

The installation formed part of NDA’s involvement in the Northern Devon Cultural Strategy launch on Tuesday this week which used flowers to illustrate the theme of Flourishing Culture.

It is hoped that Melanie’s floral display, which will be available to view for the next two weeks will draw attention to North Devon Arts and generally to art in North Devon and to illustrate how art can positively impact your environment.

We would like to thank Melanie for getting everything completed and installed in a very short space of time.

Bromley’s cafe is integrated into the Barnstaple Museum building and is accessible from it’s own door around the side of the building.

Her display will be available up until Tuesday 18th October, so if you are in Barnstaple, please do pop into Bromley’s and take a look.

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