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the mural that celebrates North Devon in Barnstaple

On Friday we sent out an email and Facebook post regarding NDA’s involvement in the Cultural Strategy for North Devon and asked for volunteers to attend a meeting on Monday 1st August (today).

The meeting is a workshop to discuss ideas on how to improve Barnstaple’s cultural identity and is being held at Barnstaple Museum at 2.00pm today, chaired by Sarah Walters from Things Made Public, a private company managing the organisation.

Over the weekend we received a really good response from NDA members and in the end we had 12 members who wanted to be involved.

Unfortunately, only two representatives from any organisation have been invited to join, so for this meeting we have nominated Penny Rowland Hill and Howard Porter, both of whom have had prior experience of similar initiatives.

NDA Meeting at 1.00pm today

An NDA meeting has been organised for this afternoon at 1.00pm at the Boston Tea Party cafe in Barnstaple and both Penny and Howard will be present along with NDA member Stella Levy who has already joined the initiative independently. Some of the other NDA members who volunteered over the weekend will be present too.

You are welcome to come along to this meeting if you have any questions, or ideas you would like presented at the workshop later on.

If you cannot make the meeting, you can email both Penny and Howard on the following email address:


Future meetings

Any information that will affect or be of interest to NDA members arising from today’s meetings will passed on via our news page and email service.

We will also let you know of any future meetings and how you can be involved.

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