by Nicola Hallman


This is Amy. Amy came of age in the 90’s at a glorious time of Britpop and Ladettes and she absolutely embraced that culture. She was there when Oasis played Knebworth. She bought ‘Country House’ and ‘Roll With It’ and celebrated the chart battle with a couple of E’s. She wanted a pint with Sarah Cox and Zoe Ball, and to sleep around. However, instead of ‘meeting up in the year 2000’ she became a Mum.
Amy loves being a Mum but she does feel sad that a body who more than once stayed awake for 48hours, off her tits in various fields, dancing until she dropped (or she came down) now pisses itself when she laughs too much, or sneezes. Her once buoyant boobs, perky in any crop top, are now twice the size and length as before.
That said, anytime she gets together with her mates or the school mums she can snap straight back into it, giving life on the dance floor and drowning Pinot at a rate of knots. These nights always end with her and her friends holding each other, and singing ‘Wonderwall’ at each other.....and meaning every fucking word. Although her reasoning may not be the same, she still takes spare knickers with her…..

Amy is a vibrant original acrylic painting by Nicola Hallman, on canvas paper


Width: 40cm | height: 50cm

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Price:  £170

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