Separated at Birth

by Patrick Spiers


Acrylic on canvas board, framed and ready to hang, 2022

This work explores the separate development of identical twins.
Although they share identical DNA at the moment the original fertilised egg divides, the inevitable mutations in the womb make it unlikely that they share identical DNA at birth. Very similar, yes, but identical DNA? Probably not.
These small differences increase as identical twins develop throughout life. Some mutations seem to happen spontaneously without any outside influence. Other mutations are influenced by such environmental factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, radiation, exposure to certain chemicals (smoking anyone?), and the infectious agents responsible for many common diseases. Happily, most mutations are relatively unimportant
Anyway, by adulthood, it can be relatively easy to distinguish between identical twins!


Width: 50cm | height: 40cm

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Price:  £160

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