“Winter Birch Trees”

by Sue Giblett


Codden Hill is a beautiful place for a winter walk. Covered in Bracken which darkens and turns to shades of browns, golds, and even black after the frost hits it. I love walking here in the winter, just soaking up the cold, damp atmosphere and letting all the colours settle in my mind. This Textile piece was made after such a walk. The large foreground of the piece was made by first Rust Dying the fabric and then Eco Dying over the top. You can see a large Horse Chestnut leaf print in the foreground. The Trees were machine stitched.This piece is presented wrapped around a canvas and finished neatly at the back with a fabric loop for hanging.


Width: 61cm | height: 91cm

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This artwork is available to purchase. Please contact the artist directly to discuss

Price:  £135

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