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Back in the dark days of the March 2020 lock-down, North Devon Arts, like all groups had to cancel their members meetings and events.

We done what we could to keep in touch and connect with one another and one such solution was to create a group page on Facebook in which we could chat and share our work. We called this NDA Projects.

Some members really got into the swing of sharing content on there, but in general it was not really used to its full potential. As lock-down eased and we were allowed to play out, the group page got used less and less until eventually it became little more than a free advertising board for local galleries.

With no members posting and nobody to run and manage the page it was decided to temporarily pause it.

However, the phoenix has risen from the flames as we have now reactivated the page but renamed it ‘NDA Community’. Its not just a new name though, it now has a new purpose and that is for all NDA members to post and share news, artwork, events, in fact anything you would like to share with the arts community in North Devon.

You can view the page by going to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ndaprojects/

Being a member of NDA does not automatically make you a member of the NDA Community group on Facebook. If you would like to interact with the group then you will need to join.

We would love to see what your are working on, what your favourite artists are doing and what events you are attending.

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