NDA Member on Landscape Artist of the Year

Painting of teh Eden Project on Landscape Artist of the Year

Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year Series 7 has treated us to some stunning scenes, as talented artists from across the country tied their aprons, steadied their easels and prepared to battle it out to be crowned Landscape Artist of the Year.

The artists are challenged with just four hours to capture scenes from the biomes nestled in the gardens of The Eden Project, to the bustling harbour in Whitstable, under the watchful eye of judges award-winning artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, independent curator Kathleen Soriano, and art historian Kate Bryan. All this for the chance to win a £10,000 commission for the Manchester Art Gallery and £500 of materials from Cass Art.

Competition to enter the show is great and North Devon Arts member John Baldwin was not surprised when his application to be one of the ‘Pod Dwellers’ was rejected. However, John was later contacted by the production team and asked if he would like to enter as one the ‘Wildcard’ artists. His response was “Hell, yeh!”

John Baldwin on Landscape Artist of the Year
NDA Member John Baldwin gets a selfie with LAOTY presenter Stephan Mangan

Here is John’s account of events in his own words;

Before the lockdown relaxed in the summer of 21, I saw an opportunity and thought why not!

It had felt like I hadn’t seen anyone for ages, and I had been home isolating. I needed to get out, so.

I applied for the Landscape artist of the year and was rejected to be one of the “Pod Dwellers” never mind I thought, just another “No”.

Then I received an email asking if I would be interested to be a wild card artist. Hell yeah!

I waited patiently.

The lady from the production company she says, “yes”.

​I couldn’t believe it, I was going to be on the show I had been watching about art thinking maybe one day! In between days of what the heck have I done?
I eagerly awaited another promised phone call.

I would get to meet all the presenters from Tai, Kate, Kathleen and Joan Bakewell not to mention all the other artists that make up the show.

I was properly looking forward to it.

I felt nervous and excitement, it was brilliant.

I spent a week planning the logistics of how I was going to paint something large. Be able to transport transfer everything I might need.

the equation: practicalities of condition divided by wheelchair devised by equipment.

I’m pleased to say the preparatory sketches I had done over the previous two weeks, from images online, so I might work out my timings etc left my possession before I even got to the Eden project. to read the whole experience. here’s the link.https://www.crackedpainter.com/projects-2

Well done John from the NDA team and thank you for sharing your experience.

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