Special General Meeting results

Special General Meeting

Last night, (Wednesday 10th November) was a significant milestone in the history of North Devon Arts.

For the last twenty years, the NDA group has been based on a constitution that outlined how the organistaion was to be run via a committee, with set roles such as Chair and Treasurer, etc.

It has become increasingly difficult to recruit and retain members to fill these roles on a voluntary basis, so it was decided that a new, more flexible approach was required.

Rather than have a set committee with set roles, the new approach is to recruit any member who wants to be involved in helping to run the group and then share all responsibilities between them.

However, changing the way the group is run required changes to the constitution which required majority approval from our members.

The Special General Meeting held last night at Studio Kind drew a good number of members who unanimously voted yes to the changes. Many members emailed in to vote by proxy and also approved the changes.

Other issues that had to be approved were the approval of the new team members themselves and offering life-time free membership to the group’s long-standing chair, Eilean Elland and treasurer Lesley Woodhouse.

Other matters

Some other issues were raised and discussed at the meeting too. We discussed how we are going to try to be more inclusive by organising events for day-times as well as evenings, for those who are unable to travel in the dark.

We also discussed a proposal from North Devon Council for an arts strategy in North Devon of which NDA intend to be involved to advise and guide.

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