Back yard life

When I left school before art school, I worked at a printer as a compositor in Nottingham. This a visual memory of our view over the backyards of the terraced houses where neighbour nattered to neighbour when hanging out the washing or borrowed a drop of milk for a morning cuppa. Is this artwork available for sale?: no


Art Nouveau lady looking at a crystal ball Hand silver work with silk fabric. Is this artwork available for sale?: no

dinner at Greenham Common

from a sketch made at Greenham Video: , Is this artwork available for sale?: yes, yesPrice: 70, 70Width: 17, 17Height: 16, 16: ,

Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Shakespeare strikes me as a playwright who returns again and again to the complexity of the human condition, with its ambiguities, contradictions, ans absurdities. In The Tempest you have the straight-forward age contrast between Prospero and Miranda, but also the magical island is also a place of enslavement (Caliban and Ariel), Caliban has tried to rape Miranda but makes the speech ‘Be not afraid, the isle is full of noises…’,

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