Summer exhibition confirmed

The queen

We are excited to announce that we have confirmed plans for our NDA Summer exhibition.

The exhibition will take place at Studio Kind between 6th to the 19th June with a private view on the 5th June.

Inspired by The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, this year’s theme will be Queen.

Not The Queen, or a queen or even anything to do with royalty (though it can be). The theme does not have to be taken literally. You are welcome to interpret the word ‘Queen’ in any way you like.  Some examples may be the QE2 ship, the band Queen, the African Queen, a queen bee, a drag queen or a queen from history or another country.

The attached image is artwork by Banksy, where he has given The Queen a David Bowie style flash across her face. You could do something similar, but we are open to any ideas and any forms of 2d, 3d or video artwork.

There will be more information to follow once all the plans have been finalised, but we thought it best to let everyone know as soon as possible.


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