The Eilean Eland Award

The Eilean Eland award

In honour of our recently retired chair, we have introduced the Eilean Eland award.

Eilean has been with North Devon Arts for many years and has stepped into the role of chair on two occasions.

The second time was during a slump where a lack of volunteers and a lack of enthusiasm saw membership fall. Eilean’s passion, energy and enthusiasm turned things around and the group was able to rebuild and gain in strength.

As chair, the vast majority of the running of the group fell to Eilean which took up a great deal of her own time, but after several years she finally decided it was time to step back, let someone else run the group and focus on her primary love of art.

The new management team felt that it was only right that we do something to acknowledge Eilean’s efforts and achievements with NDA and to show our appreciation for everything she has done, leaving the group in a really strong and positive position.

In order to honour Eilean, The Team have decided to hold an ‘Eilean Eland Award’ during every summer exhibition. The exact criteria is still being worked out, but we have recently purchased one of Eilean’s sculptures to use as a trophy to hand to the winner.

The winner will get to keep the trophy for a year before handing it back for the following year’s event.

More details will given nearer to the time of the summer exhibition but already we are excited to know who will be the first recipient.

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