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NDA members have been on TV. They have completed challenges. Joined political marches. Campaigned for change. Been entered for and even won prestigious art competitions. Met famous celebrities. They have set up art classes. They have set up or been in exhibitions. They have won commissions.

John Baldwin and Stephan Mangan
NDA Member John Baldwin gets a selfie with LAOTY presenter Stephan Mangan

We have some fantastic members with exciting news, but we rely on them to tell us about it.

An organiastion the size of NDA has a great reach and can spread and share your news with thousands of people throughout North Devon and beyond. We use email, our website, social media, advertising and local press to reach a vast audience.

We want to help and support our members by promoting their skills and their work and sharing their amazing news.

If you have news to share, or know of a member with news to share, then please let us know by following the button below which leads to a very simple form:

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