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Bringing art and community together

North Devon Arts was set up in 1998 to enable artists and those interested in the arts to find a way to connect and develop across a large rural county with dispersed communities. NDA acts as a forum to encourage the arts where ideas and practices can grow.

The main aims of NDA are:

  • To encourage all types of artists to come together from the visual arts, ceramics, performance, textiles, sculpture, writing, etc:
  • To be an umbrella organisation to promote and encourage participation of and interest in, the Arts, Crafts and Skills in North Devon and the surrounding areas.
  • To promote and encourage Plans, Projects and Schemes amongst its members.
  • To encourage people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to develop and improve their interests and skills.
  • To provide an informal, social gathering where topics of common interest can be discussed and demonstrated.
  • To enhance the tourism industry in North Devon by planning projects that may encourage visitors from outside the area.
  • To create a higher understanding of art in the community by liaising with the local Councils and organisations, advocating the use of art and artists in their future plans and projects.

A copy of the current North Devon Arts constitution may be downloaded here.

A warm welcome

We offer a warm welcome to people of all ages and abilities who have a talent or an appreciation for art in all of it’s forms. Participation can be anything from helping to run the group, helping to run individual events, coming to members’ events, or just being kept in the loop via email and web.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions both positive and negative. We are here for you and this is your group so your opinion matters.

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