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Under 18s Membership

Membership is free to under 18’s but is restricted to members meetings only. Under 18’s are not able to exhibit their artwork, or create a profile on this site.

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Student Discount

A student discount is available to anyone in full time education. The benefits are the same as full membership, but the cost is discounted to just £10 per year.

1. Send us details of your Student ID card.
2. Your details will be manually checked and confirmed.
3. A discount code will be emailed to you.
3. Apply for full membership following the steps outlined below.
4. Use your discount code at checkout for a reduced price.

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Full Membership

For details of membership benefits, please click here

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the Buy Now button below.
2. Complete the website registration form.
3. Purchase your membership subscription.

NDA Membership Subscription renewal

Please click on the Buy Now button to purchase / renew a one year membership subscription

  • NDA Membership

    One time payment

Additional information

Payment cycles

All memberships run in yearly cycles. You will need to renew your subscription each year to ensure your profile and gallery images remain on the site and your membership card is still valid. You will be notified by email when your annual membership fee renewal is due.

Payment methods

We accept card payment online only. (We no longer accept cash, cheque, bank transfer or standing order).

Card payments are processed instantly so there will be no disruption to your membership, website profile and gallery. Your membership card is auto generated so will also be available immediately.


If you are still in education the following year you will need to repeat the application process to gain your discount.

Further help

If you require any help with joining, renewing your membership or using the Artists Dashboard, please refer to our Help page.

Help page

Membership type Cost
Under 18 Free
Student membership £10
Full adult membership £30

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