Another Nebular as a commission for the person who purchased the Crab Nebular. The centre of this piece is 1/4″ pieces of silk chiffon hand dyed and free motioned on the machine. The rest is free machined as before. This piece is 3ft x 2’6″, This lovely customer saw my work at Rosemoor, bought the Crab nebular and said he would like mauves and dark reds, as it was his


This panel is called Crab Nebular measuring 2ft x 18″which is my interpretation of the space gasses found in the space atmosphere. It is constructed on a base of needle felting on black silk and free machine embroidery together with diamanties poking through the web like atmosphere. This panel has been sold. Is this artwork available for sale?: no

Meadow bright

Felt… from the perspective of a ladybird in a wild flower meadow Is this artwork available for sale?: no


The background was embellished with fabric and wool tops and embroidered. Video: , Is this artwork available for sale?: yes, yesPrice: 175, 175Width: 53, 53Height: 53, 53: ,

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