• Jill Rossey Green
  • Creative
  • Bellaire, Barnstaple.

About Jill

My technique of decoupage/montage is self-devised, by experience gained over 40 years or so.  Each image is cut and shaped meticulously by hand. Usually, a montage will comprise soul-less shapes/cut-outs; which I avoid, only including a natural, straight line break by intention. Fluidity and fusion are preferred, producing an easy on the eye result; one picture interweaving and melting into another, thus creating a new art form, as with a musical composition or narration. During The Queen's Golden Jubilee year, I was commissioned by Barnstaple Town Council to create a piece encompassing 50 years of Barnstaple Mayors, for the Town Hall. A similar tribute to the late local dance icon Miss Esme Preston, hangs in The Queen's Theatre. During 2015/16 I created Oscar Winners of the 50's (5 pieces)and the 60's (6 pieces) for which I am seeking host walls.  Utilizing my own photography, I have created 8 pieces of local interest. Last year I fulfilled an ambition to create artwork for my own coffin, and would consider similar commissions.


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