“Celebrate Life!”

by Jill Rossey Green


The ultimate inclusion of things to celebrate in life, images transposed onto canvas. Mementos of countless events to be grateful for, very salient during this pandemic period. Images include, our earth, Adam and Eve, Big Ben at midnight, sunrise and a rainbow behind Stonehenge and Christ's tomb, the star of nativity over a manger, white smoke issuing forth from the Vatican, a breathtaking sunset, daffodils ushering Spring, acquisition of a new car followed by "L" plates and a passed driving test, mortar boards being thrown aloft, even 1st prize for best marrow! etc., etc. Central image is the ultimate scan (pre-birth) picture, with an ensuing birthday and wedding celebrated classically by bottles of champagne bursting open and being enjoyed.


Width: 61cm | height: 43cm

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Price:  £90

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