A warm welcome to our new Team

The NDA Team

Welcome to the new NDA Team. Penny Rowland-Hill, Howard Porter, Stella Levy, Rob Sumner and Alison Nicholson.

Last night (Wednesday 7th September) was the North Devon Arts Annual General Meeting.

The meeting is an opportunity to review the year’s activities and finances and look towards a new year.

Members are invited to attend and have their say on how the group is run and who runs the group.

The Team who have been running NDA for the past year stepped down to make way for a new team to step forward and be voted in by the members who attended the meeting.

The outgoing team consisted of Antigone Neaum, Zsuzsa Reynolds, Rob Sumner and Susan Brooklyn-Harris. Rob will be remaining with the new team to continue with IT, marketing and member support and Susan will continue to look after the group finances until a more permanent arrangement can be made.

The new Team

Members who stepped forward to form a new Team included Howard Porter, Penny Rowland-Hill, Alison Nicholson and Stella Levy. These are the same people who have been representing NDA in the Northern Devon Cultural Strategy.

The new team were quizzed by members on what their plans are for the future of NDA and whether they have the capacity to both manage the organistaion and continue participating in the ND Cultural Strategy.

All the new Team members were unanimous in their reply in that the two were intrinsically linked and that the potential benefits of the cultural strategy would benefit and shape the future of NDA potentially encouraging more artists to join and help the group grow and flourish.

Some of the new Team members have sat on NDA committees in the past so bring quite a lot of experience with them. Susan Brooklyn-Harris will be helping keeping the books going through an interim period, Rob Sumner is staying on to help out with IT and marketing and Antigone, Zsuzsa and Susan will be keeping the plein air and life drawing classes going, so all in all we are all very excited about what the future holds for NDA and its members.

The Eilean Eland Award

During the AGM, the new Eilean Eland award was presented to Natasha Quarmby for her winning artwork in this year’s Queen themed summer exhibition. Unfortunately, Natahsa was not available to collect the award in person.

Meeting Minutes

Penny has kindly produced a copy of the minutes from the AGM available as a PDF download:

Download AGM Minutes

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