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Joan Stribling De'Launay

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On the 9th March, we will be launching our ‘This is me’ project starting with an NDA member whose career has taken her through stage and screen, from historical drama to science fiction and everything in between.

As well as being a very gifted artist and illustrator, Joan Stribling De’Launay has also expressed her artistic talents through the world of performing arts with set design, hair design, make up and prosthetics.

An exclusive for North Devon Arts, Joan will be presenting a talk and slideshow taking us through the countries she has visited, her fascinating variety of creative roles and the list of celebrities she has worked with over the years.

Some of the sets she has worked on over the years include:

  • Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Dr Who
  • Eastenders
  • No country for old men
  • The legend of King Arthur name but a few.

Alic in Wonderland

The talk will be taking place at Studio Kind on Wednesday 9th March at (approx) 7.30pm. You are welcome to join us for coffee and a quick chat beforehand.

This event is free to NDA members and £5 to non-members. No booking is required for this event.

We do hope you can join us as this is promising to be a fun, entertaining and enthralling start to our This Is Me project.

For more information on Joan Stribling De’Launay, please visit:

Joan’s Facebook page

Joan’s website

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