Instagram is back!

instagram mystery

Over the summer we have been focusing on increasing and improving our marketing and communications. Activity has mostly been centered around the website and social media.

However, we hit a stumbling block when trying to access our Instagram account because nobody knew who had originally set it up.

It had been created by a previous NDA member, but had not been touched since 2016, despite having a rather large number of followers.

Other committee members tried to help but it was beginning to look like we were never going to gain access.

Eventually, we received an excited email from NDA Chair, Eilean Elland who had used her past NDA experience and records to work out who could have created the account originally.

The original creator had since had a name change and was no longer using the email address we had on record and yet, Eilean managed to track them down via Linkedin and in a very short time after being contacted, they kindly handed control back over the NDA.

We all agreed that was some fancy detective work and wondered if Eilean may consider a career change!

You can view and follow our Instagram account from this link:

It would be a real help for anyone with an Instagram account to start tagging our Instagram page.

We will be posting group news and sharing members artwork on there, so it’s well worth a look.

We are also open to ideas for content to add on there, so please message directly through Instagram or email:


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