NDA might be 25!

NDA 25

2023 is North Devon Arts 25th Anniversary year

North Devon Arts was formed in 1998 and has since seen many changes in management, membership and activities. Going into our 25th year we are really good shape with a schedule bursting with interesting, exciting and social things to do and see throughout North Devon.

We have a lot to celebrate next year. We live, work and socialise in possibly the most beautiful area of the UK. We are all a part of a well established arts networking group brimming with creative, talented and lovely people and our group will be celebrating its 25th anniversary…or will it?

Help us celebrate

North Devon Arts is run by a small team of four people who between them organise events, arrange speakers, organise exhibitions, manage the membership, manage the finances, promote the group, run the website…and so on – phew! you get the idea!

A new team is selected every year at our AGM (Annual General Meeting), but our last AGM in July ’21 was still dominated by lockdowns, masks and fear. Turnout for the AGM was understandably low and volunteers short.

The four volunteers that did come forward have done an amazing job over the last year but at our upcoming AGM in September it will be their turn to step down to allow a new management team to step forward.

A new team with new ideas, fresh energy, new skills to offer and hopefully some BIG ideas on how we can celebrate our 25th anniversary year.

Please don’t suggest camping though!

Joking aside, if you love North Devon Arts and want to see it continue and thrive then NOW is the time to start thinking about whether you could give up some time to help with the running of the group, because the unfortunate situation is, if we are unable to form a new management team at our next AGM in September, there wont be anyone to arrange the 25th anniversary celebrations and quite possibility no North Devon Arts at all!

As with anything social, the more the merrier and the more volunteers we have, the more the workload can be spread and the more people there will be to offer suggestions on activities and the way the group is run. We would love to have all members join us on the management team, but there isn’t room in the Quay Cafe!

Please, give it some thought.

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