Staying connected

staying connected

As a networking group, we do all we can to make sure all of our members are kept up to date with both NDA and other local arts news and events.

For a long time the only way this was done was in the monthly email newsletter, but over time we have found this to not be the most practical solution.

Some of the problems with the newsletter include:

  • We are not always aware of all news, events, exhibitions and workshops so may miss some out.
  • Our newsletter may go out too late for some events
  • Some events may cancel or change venue
  • Some events are added last minute

The North Devon Arts website

One of the best ways to keep up to date with North Devon Arts news and events is via our website. The website is constantly being updated and will feature any last-minute changes you may need to know about.

Here are some links to follow:

NDA News :

NDA Events (Including meetings, events and workshops) :

North Devon Arts on social media

We use Facebook and Instagram to promote our group and share news and events with members. Our accounts are accessible through a standard web browser on a desktop PC, or via an app on mobile devices.

Both accounts will let you ‘Like‘ and ‘Follow‘ which is effectively subscribing, ensuring the very latest posts and amendments will be delivered to you as notifications. This means you will never miss anything.

NDA on Facebook :
NDA on Instagram :

The arts community

North Devon Arts has set up a community group page on Facebook where everyone and anyone can join and share information on events, news, exhibitions, workshops and classes. This is the best way to find out about non-NDA news.

In order to participate you need to have a Facebook account and then ‘join’ the group. You will then be able to post your own news, respond to others and get reminders and notifications delivered to your phone.

*It may be worth noting that many people who value their privacy prefer not to use Facebook, or any online social media website. However, it is possible to create an account using an alias or business name so you cannot be found or your identity revealed. This way you can stay up to date anonymously.

NDA Community group on Facebook :

Other news and events

The best way to stay up to date with all other news and events is by following and liking galleries, venues and artists in North Devon through their own social media pages.

for example, you can follow Studio Kind on Facebook and be kept up to date with all of their events and activities.

Studio Kind on Facebook:

Another really good resource is the Arts & Crafts in North Devon group which is open to anyone to join and share their own news. This group has over 1,300 members so is widely supported throughout North Devon.

North Devon Arts & Crafts:

Facebook events

You may suspect we get paid to promote Facebook, but no, it is simply the best way to find out what is going on. Even if you subscribe, like and follow all of your favourite artists and galleries there is always a chance you will miss out on something, so it might be worth your while carrying out a general search on Facebook.

If you search for “Art events near me” Facebook will show you all exhibitions, classes, workshops, craft fairs etc that are happening in and around the North Devon Area.

Search Facebook for art events here

We will of course try to keep you in the loop through our newsletter but there are much better and quicker and more accurate ways through Facebook and the web.

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