Selling artwork online

One of the advantages of being a member of North Devon Arts is being able to display your artwork on our online gallery.

When a member uploads a painting or drawing they also have the opportunity to mark the artwork as being for sale.

The North Devon Arts website gets viewed all over the world with most visits coming from the UK, but a large proportion coming from Europe, USA and Canada. Throughout 2021 we had over 7,000 visitors to the site and some of those visits where from potential buyers.

One of our members has left North Devon and is now living in Scotland and still getting enquiries about his artwork!

How to sell your artwork online

Once you have uploaded your artwork to the NDA website, there is an option to say the artwork is for sale. Select this option then add your price. When a visitor views your artwork, a form is available where they can make a ‘purchase enquiry’ which effectively sends an email to you.

It is then down to you to negotiate the deal and arrange delivery / shipping.


Make sure you know how much the delivery costs will be before agreeing the final price.

You may be best choosing a specialist who deals in the transportation of fine art. Here are some examples:



You may also want to consider additional insurance in the event your artwork is damaged, lost or stolen in transit.


Always, always ensure you receive payment in full before posting your artwork. Money can be transferred via Bank Transfer, CHAPS or a payment service such as Pay Pal.


There are lots of scams out there so please be cautious. If in any doubt, just back out!

This article lists the sort of scams that other’s have already fallen for:

Mark as sold

This may sound obvious but often gets over looked. As soon as you have sold your artwork, go back into your NDA Members Area and find your artwork listing, then de-select the ‘artwork for sale’ option, which will then show the artwork as not being available for sale.

It can be incredibly frustrating to potential buyers to spend hours searching the Internet for their perfect piece of art only to find that it was actually already sold.

As always, if you need any advice or help with the NDA website get in touch with

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