Cultural Strategy for North Devon

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We are looking for an NDA member to act as an NDA representive in the North Devon Cultural Strategy.

North Devon District Council and Torridge District Council have joined together to create a Cultural Strategy to promote arts and culture in the region and have invited NDA to participate.

This is your chance to have a say on the future of arts and creative businesses in the region.

What is the strategy?

The strategy will seek to:

  • deliver a powerful shared vision for the future of culture in the region
  • be distinctive and relevant to Northern Devon, taking into account our region’s international Biosphere designation and the high quantity of natural, archaeological and built heritage in the district
  • reflect the needs (economic, educational and social) of all people who live and work in the area

The strategy will first and foremost need to be ‘place-based’; focusing on the geography, socio-economic status and demographics of the area. It should cover artistic programming, existing cultural organisations, creative businesses and practitioners, community groups, cultural buildings and facilities, festivals, audiences, training and education.

Find out more about the cultural strategy here

What would our role be?

The organisation of the strategy is being managed by a company called Things Made Public.

Sarah Walters from the company has requested a representative from NDA to attend meetings and feedback on suggestions and to offer ideas.

There will be a series of meetings and the first will be focussing on Barnstaple’s cultural identity.

Who will be representing NDA?

We are currently looking for at least one volunteer, preferably a group of volunteers to get involved.

This will involve attending meetings with Things Made Public and other local organisations and the council.

It will also involve canvassing member’s opinions and thoughts on the subject.

The NDA Team are unable to take on this responsibility at this stage as they have their hands full with organising the NDA and they are also due to step down in September, so a dedicated volunteer(s) is required.

The Team will be able to assist with communications such as emailing members or Facebook posts.

How soon are we needed?

The strategy will be ongoing and will take some time so the sooner we can get a volunteer, or team of volunteers together the better.

However, the first meeting is this coming Monday 1st August.

Sarah says: “We will be kicking off this work with an in-person workshop on Monday 1st August that covers Barnstaple’s cultural identity, the cultural vision for the town and the development of cultural character areas based around existing and potential assets.”

Date – Monday 1st August 2022
Time – 2pm – 4pm
Location – Barnstaple Museum

As is often the case, this is very short notice and we apologise for that, but even if you cannot make this coming Monday, please do not let that deter you from getting involved in future meetings.

If you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting

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