Cultural Strategy update and meeting

Cultural Strategy for North Devon

Please note: Next Meeting is Friday 5th August at 12.30pm at Studio Kind

Last weekend was a hive of activity getting organised in time for the first Cultural Strategy meeting on Monday.

We had around 12 members express an interest in being involved and those members organised themselves into a committee to represent North Devon Arts as a whole.

The Cultural Strategy committee met before the meeting at Boston tea party in Barnstaple to formulate a plan and gather ideas before going into the museum to meet with Sarah Walters of Things Made Public, the company managing the whole process.

All groups involved in the process are only allowed two representatives which ended up being Howard Porter and Penny Rowland Hill for NDA.

Results of the meeting

Howard had this to say after the meeting:

We had a very interesting meeting today but the organisers didn’t want us to drill down to the specifics at this stage. Rather, the aim was to start a process and to gather together stakeholders in order to inform the cultural strategy and to inform the Arts Council Development Fund bid.

It was a case of developing an overall cultural vision for the town rather than a specific plan.The results of today will be synthesised and circulated in due course by Things Made Public so we will have more information then.

However, we did manage to flag up all the things we had discussed in our preparation (such as a contemporary art space) so when it comes down to putting together specifics, we should be in a good position.

Next steps

Ideally we would like to hear the views of as many NDA members as possible. There are several ways you can air your views.

  • Join our Cultural Strategy mailing list
  • Attend Cultural Strategy Committee meetings
  • Send an email either to the NDA Team or the Cultural Strategy Committee
  • Join our Whatsapp group

Join our Cultural Strategy mailing list

We would like to include all members, but we also don’t want to bother those members who do not want to participate so we have set up a mailing list specifically for members who want to be involved or kept up to date. This is an optional list and you have to add your email address to it to be included.

To add your email address, follow the link below then follow the instructions. Please note, this is for NDA members only so you have to be logged into the site to access the form.

Attend Cultural Strategy Committee meetings

The next meeting for NDA members is at Studio Kind on the 5th August at 12.30pm. Both Penny and Howard will be present along with other members who have already been involved in the process.

The purpose of the meeting is to digest what was discussed on Monday and make plans for the next workshop.

Send an email either to the NDA Team or the Cultural Strategy Committee

If you have any questions or wish to put forward ideas or opinions then please either email the NDA Team at or email the Cultural Strategy Committee directly on

Join our Whatsapp group

We are in the process of setting up a Whatsapp group to allow for more informal chat between members.

If you are not sure what Whatsapp is, it is a messaging application that works on mobile phones and through a web browser on your PC. It connects people by their mobile phone number and works in a similar way to texting, except it is free as it uses the web.

Thank you

Finally, we would like to say thank you to all the members who stepped up,and very quickly got organised over the weekend. Thank you to Penny and Howard for representing our group at the workshop and thank you in advance to all members who will be attending on Friday and into the future.

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